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A Value Tales Treasury: Stories for Growing Good People – Spencer Johnson

Value Tales are considered extra special at our home because my husband has a collection of the original books from his childhood which he has been sharing with our daughter.  She loves the pictures and is fascinated by the stories of famous people who have encountered challenges that she has also encountered.  These stories make […]

Happy Memorial Day!

You: A Story of Love and Friendship – Stephen Michael King

This little gem is just sweet.  It makes a perfect bedtime story for a little one.  Additionally, there is much that could be used for further discussion with young readers including colors and musical instruments.  Sharing this book with someone special cannot help but make both of you feel good! 

Frog and Friends – Eve Bunting

We are always on the hunt for independent reader books that feature colorful pictures.  Our daughter is delighted with our newest find ~ The Frog and Friends series.  It features Frog and his friends: Rabbit, Raccoon, Squirrel, and Possum who enjoy spending time together and highlights their adventures.  Each book is made up of three […]

Crazy Dangerous – Andrew Klavan

Crazy Dangerous is very different than the books that I usually read.  It is a young adult novel that is in the “thriller” genre.  Although a bit slow to start, the book is a quick read that is hard to put down once you are past the first few chapters.  The story is told by […]

Big Hugs, Little Hugs – Felicia Bond

Bold colorful pictures celebrate animals from all over the world hugging.  This is a very sweet book that little animal lovers are sure to adore.

The Busy Life of Ernerstine Buckmeister – Linda Ravin Lodding

Poor Ernestine is completely over-scheduled and simply wants to enjoy being a kid and playing outside with her neighbor, but her parents want to make sure she “makes every moment count…” and “lives life to the fullest…”.  As a result, Ernestine and her nanny spend every afternoon traveling from one activity to another until one […]

Happy Mother’s Day ~ 1 Day Deal Details

I hope you are enjoying a splendid Mother’s Day with your family!

I also wanted to alert you to a one day deal from Motivated Moms (a chore planning system). They are having a Mother’s Day special this year – a code worth $3, good only on May 13th. The code is MOTHER. This makes […]

Turning Guilt Trips into Joy Rides – Kim Messinger, Janine Boyer and Shirley Brosius

Turning Guild Trips into Joy Rides is a book of daily readings. The focus is on identifying situations one cannot control and seeing the bigger picture. Each entry uses a scriptural foundation and addresses a guilt trip to avoid and then a joy ride to take instead. Although the daily readings are brief they do […]

M.O.M. (Mom Operating Manual) – Doreen Cronin

As Mother’s Day approaches, M.O.M. (Mom Operating Manual) seemed like a logical choice to feature. This books highlights care instructions for Moms in order to attain peak performance. The idea is cute, and the illustrations are darling. Although this book could be enjoyed to a degree by young children, it was written more for grown […]