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Righty and Lefty: A Tale of Two Feet – Rachel Vail

Right and Lefty: A Tale of Two Feet is an imaginative story that features two very different feet. One is an early riser who likes to get up and go and adores being fancy by wearing all of the cutest new shoes available. The other likes to sleep in and only wants to wear galoshes. […]

Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons – Eric Litwin

Pete that Cat is back! This time the laid back cat is wearing his favorite shirt, and the groovy buttons are falling off of it, but Pete remains unphased. Never one to cry and get upset…Pete goes with the flow. As with previous Pete the Cat books, this one reminds readers to keep things in […]

Isabella: Girl on the Go

Isabella: Girl on the Go is a delight. First, I love the fact that Isabella is spending the day playing with her father. Daddies seem to rarely be featured in children’s books especially those about the adventures of little girls. I was also thrilled with the fact that this book focuses on the magic of […]

Little Croc’s Purse – Lizzie Finlay

Little Croc’s Purse is a sweet story that is chocked full of elements that merit further discussion. Honesty, dealing with temptation, as well as responsible money management are all introduced. The whimsical illustrations enhance the story and made it a quick favorite at our home.

Happy Father’s Day!

I hope your family is having a wonderful day full of fun!

Dini Dinosaur – Karen Beaumont

Dini Dinosaur is a cute, rhyming story about a dinosaur that needs to take a bath after a day of having fun in the mud and sand.  Bath time is an amusing event as Mommy Dinosaur helps Dini get clean in spite of his forgetfulness about removing his shoes and clothes prior to bathing. 


Mostly Monsterly – Tammi Sauer

Bernadette may seem like she is all monster with her blue skin, pointy ears, fangs, and creepy skull necklace, but there is more to her than that. Bernadette has a softer side. She like kitties, flowers, and baking cupcakes and decorating them with sprinkles. Mostly Monsterly shares how Bernadette maintains her individuality and at the […]

Everything I Need to Know Before I’m Five – Valorie Fisher

Everything I Need to Know Before I’m Five is a cute concept book which includes the alphabet, numbers, opposites, shapes, seasons, weather, and colors including mixing them. Bright, colorful pictures make this book fun to explore with your child.

Grin and Bear It – Leo Landry

I really like children’s books that address facing challenges. Grin and Bear It has a silly premise, but in the end it shares a meaningful message. Bear wants to tell his jokes on the Woodland Stage and make all of his friends laugh. Sadly, his fear of getting up and speaking in front of others […]