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Mouse’s First Halloween – Lauren Thompson –

Lauren Thompson is a great author. Her Mouse series highlights the many firsts encountered by a little mouse. Mouse’s First Halloween follows inquisitive little mouse through all sorts of Halloween experiences which in the end all prove not to be so scary after all. This is a gentle Halloween tale that would make a great […]

Have Fun, Molly Lou Melon – Patty Lovell

We have been anxiously awaiting the publication of this book! We attended a book talk about a year ago at our local library where illustrator David Catrow was a guest. He spoke about illustrating the Molly Melon sequel and shared a draft with us.

Our family loves Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon, and the sequel […]

Practicing the Presence of Jesus – Wally Armstrong

Practicing the Presence of Jesus is a little book with a powerful message. Wally Armstrong shares personal insights about how he went from living his life in constant pursuit of trying to please God to living a life in which he shares a close friendship with God. Armstrong’s text is highly accessible and provides inspiration […]

All Things Bright and Beautiful – Cecil Frances Alexander

This book is an illustrated version of the hymn All Things Bright and Beautiful. It is masterfully done. The illustrations are beautifully executed and depict a little girl enjoying a day in the country. Our little nature loving girl found this book at the library and has read it again and again.


Otto the Book Bear – Katie Cleminson

We just discovered Katie Cleminson books last week when visiting the library. After reading the Magic Box, we hoped that she had written more. We found Otto the Book Bear, and it is a winner! Otto is a happy little bear who lives in a book and loves to have his story read. He also […]

Magic Box – Katie Cleminson

The power of imagination is celebrated in Magic Box. Eva delights in her very special birthday gift – a magic box that transforms an ordinary day into one of adventure and excitement. I particularly enjoyed the illustrations that went from black and white at the beginning of the book to a full spectrum of color […]

A Day With No Crayons – Elizabeth Rusch

After running out of paper, Liza makes a very unfortunate choice opting to draw and color on a wall in her room with her crayons. As a result, Liza’s crayons are taken away from her. Without her crayons, Liza is forced to explore and ultimately see things differently as a result of her creativity being […]

It Looked Like Spilt Milk – Charles G. Shaw

It Looked Like Spilt Milk is a nifty little book that features the different things we might see in the clouds. It makes for a great read aloud for little ones learning shapes and working on expanding their vocabularies. I particularly like all of the opportunities it presents for students to participate in guessing what […]

In the Smalll, Small Pond – Denise Fleming

In the Small, Small Pond allows the reader to learn what happens in the pond throughout the year as seasons change all from the point of view of a frog. The wonderful illustrations coupled with rhyming alliterative text makes this one a great read-a-loud option.

If Frogs Made Weather – Marion Bane Bauer

This is a sweet little book that features a wide variety of animals and displays how they might influence the weather in poem form. The bold colorful illustrations are truly outstanding. This book makes for a fun way to start talking about weather.