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Lord of the Flies Centenary Edition



I Would Tuck You In – Sarah Asper-Smith

I Would Tuck You In features lots of different animal mommies with their little ones. This is sweet tale that would make a delightful bedtime story for young animal lovers. The engaging text and the beautiful art work make this one a winner.

Delia’s Dull Day: An Incredibly Boring Story – Andy Meyer

From Delia’s point of view her life seems very boring, but as a reader one sees that if Delia was a bit more aware of her surroundings she would realize that her life is anything but boring. From elephants marching through her house to a submarine appearing in her swimming pool, her life is filled […]

I Know a Wee Piggy – Kim Norman

I Know a Wee Piggy is a book about colors that is filled with fun. This is a terrific read aloud book that will delight and entertain.

Are We There Yet? – Sam Williams

When the ducklings become bored with their pond Mama duck takes them on a long journey in order to find a new place to explore. Just like children, the ducklings struggle a bit with the journey. This sweet tale is beautifully illustrated and makes for a wonderful read aloud.

Happy Father’s Day!

Best wishes for a day full of fun with Dad!

Blogging Vacation

I will be on a “blogging vacation” this week in order to enjoy some extra special time with our daughter during her first week of summer vacation.

Last Day Blues – Julie Danneberg

Last Day Blues is a cute book which features teacher Sarah Jane Hartwell and her students. It is the final week of school, and the students are worried that Mrs. Hartwell will miss them during the summer. As a result, they put a plan in motion to ensure their beloved teacher will not be sad. […]

Oddrey – Dave Whamond

Oddrey is a little girl who is a bit different. She loves doing things in her own unique way, but she sometimes feels a bit lonely and wishes she had friends who saw things in a unique way as well. The school play turns into a magical opportunity for Oddrey when she is able to […]