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123 versus ABC – Mike Boldt

Are letters more important, or are numbers more important? This playful book is both a book about letters as well as a book about numbers. The colorful and engaging pictures make this a fun one to enjoy with your child. There is a whole lot to see and enjoy.

First Graders from Mars – Shana Corey

Our daughter found this little gem at the library, and it has been a perfect book to start the conversation about how first grade will be a bit different than kindergarten but will be wonderful in different ways. In the first book of this series, we meet Horus who happens to be a martian. Horus […]

Blogging Holiday

This is the last week of summer vacation before our little lady starts first grade. I will be on a “blogging vacation” this week in order to have some extra special fun with her. Looking forward to being back next week to share some great new books!


Circus Girl – Tomek Bogacki

The power and influence that one little girl has on the development of a friendship, between two little boys who have never really noticed each other but are in the same class, is a sweet and encouraging tale. The little girl who is a member of the circus and will only be attending the school […]

If You Want to See a Whale – Julie Fogliano

If You Want to See a Whale is a beautiful book which uses limited text. The pictures tell the story in this one, and the story they tell is one of the value of patience. The imaginative ending will delight young children, and it would be a great text to use with older children for […]

Unicorn Thinks He’s Pretty Great – Bob Shea

Unicorn Thinks He’s Pretty Great is a delightful book about friendship which is approached with a hardy does of silliness. I am not sure it is possible to read this book without smiling! The illustrations and the creative use of font enhance the story and make this one a real winner!

Maisy Learns to Swim – Lucy Cousins

Maisy was one of our daughters very favorite characters as a young child. I could not help but take a closer look at Maisy Learns to Swim when I found it on the shelf at the library the last time we visited. The book highlights a trip to the pool and a swim lesson for […]