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The Travelling Cat Chronicles



Oliver – Birgitta Sif

Oliver is a young boy who loves playing with his friends who happen to be puppets, stuffed animals and toys. He realizes he is a little different than the other kids, and he is comfortable with that reality. He delights in imaginative play and is always involved in an adventure of some sort. With […]

The Day the Crayons Quit – Drew Daywalt

The Day the Crayons Quit is laugh out loud funny for children and adults. We LOVE this book! The book consists of letters from each of Duncan’s crayons explaining why each one of them feels a strike is necessary. Coupled with each letter is a picture which depicts how Duncan uses that particular color and […]

Max’s Castle – Kate Banks

After Max finds some old toys and building blocks under his bed, he undertakes building a castle. But that is simply the beginning…with the help of his imaginative spirit Max embarks on a wonderful journey of discovery. Max’s Castle is a great celebration of imagination!


The World According to Humphrey – Betty G. Birney

The World According to Humphrey is the first book in a series which has quickly become a favorite at our home. Humphrey is a hamster who is a class pet and serves as the narrator of the story. He shares the happenings of the classroom as well as his weekend adventures when he gets to […]

Dream Friends – You Byun

Dream Friends is a beautiful story that shares the tale of a little girl who has a wonderful friend that shares in all the fun while she dreams. Melody wishes her dream friend would exist during the day time hours since she has not made any friends yet at school. She does her best to […]

The Story of Fish and Snail – Deborah Freedman

The cover of this book caught my attention during a recent visit to the library. It did not disappoint! The Story of Fish and Snail is delightful. When snail wants to stick close to home and play kittens, fish declares that type of play boring. He wants to play pirates which would require that they […]

Toys in Space – Mini Grey

When we finished reading Toys in Space my daughter remarked that she wanted to read it again. I saw that as quite an endorsement from a six year old! We both enjoyed this one. One night a small group of dolls are left outside at the end of the day. As day turns into night […]

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