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Happy Halloween!

Hoping your Halloween is filled with treats including a new book…

Just Say Boo! – Susan Hood

Just Say Boo! is a perfect choice for a Halloween read-a-loud. The book tackles how to deal with Halloween situations little ones might find a little scary…”Just say boo!” The refrain is repeated throughout the book and children enjoying the story will no doubt be able to help the reader with the verbiage as they […]

10 Trick-or-Treaters – Janet Schulman

10 Trick or Treaters is a darling counting book that includes rhyming text and bold, colorful pictures. This would be a wonderful first Halloween book for little ones. Definitely a terrific Halloween treat….

Alpha Oops! H is for Halloween – Alethea Kontis

For those of us who thought all alphabet books need to begin with the letter A and end with the letter Z, Alpha Oops! H is for Halloween provides proof that alphabet books can begin as well as end with non-traditional letters and be entertaining as well as informative. Alpha Oops! H is for Halloween […]

Curious George Goes to a Costume Party – Margret & H.A. Rey

Curious George Goes to a Costume Party introduces the reader to a variety of Halloween traditions beyond trick or treating. It is a fun book which highlights George’s curiosity and the mishaps that happen as a result.

Winter’s Tail: How One Little Dolphin Learned to Swim Again – Juliana Hatkoff, Isabella Hatkoff, and Craig Hatkoff

Winter’s Tail: How One Little Dolphin Learned to Swim Again is the book form of the story that inspired the movie Dolphin Tale. Learning about Winter the dolphin overcoming the adversity of losing her tail and swimming again with a prosthetic is an uplifting tale as well as a great resource to use to discuss […]

Blogging Holiday

I am taking the day off today to hang out with my favorite first grader. She has a day off from school, and I am so looking forward to spending time together!

Porcupining: A Prickly Love Story – Lisa Wheeler

Poor little Cushion the Porcupine is very lonely at the petting zoo. No one wants to pet a prickly porcupine. Sad and tired of being alone, Cushion decides to serenade some of the other animals in search of trying to find a wife. His overtures are met with a lack of interest and a number […]

Wanda and the Frogs

Our daughter absolutely loves frogs so when she spotted this one at the library it had to go into our “check out” pile. Wanda and the Frogs is a sweet book that shares the story of Wanda finding some tadpoles in a puddle, and the learning experiences that follow after Wanda’s savvy teacher decides to […]

Encouragement for Today: Devotions for Everyday Living – Renee Swope, Lysa TerKerust, and Samantha Evilsizer

If you are a fan of the e-mail devotions produced by Proverbs 31 Ministries, this little devotional book is for you. Each devotional includes a Bible verse and then a personal story that includes that verse in action. Following the readings are prompts related to remembering, reflecting, and responding to the lesson. Although each devotion […]