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Happy Thanksgiving!

Blogging Holiday

I will be enjoying some quality time with my favorite first grader this week. She has the whole week off from school, and we are looking forward to lots of reading, crafting, and baking together!


Saying Grace: A Prayer of Thanksgiving – Virginia Kroll

Saying Grace: A Prayer of Thanksgiving is a sweet book that describes life as an early settler. The story itself features a little girl named Grace who struggles to remember her spelling word for school – bounty. The reader is soon introduced to the world of hardship as well as blessings that colonists encountered. Saying […]

Monster Mess! – Margery Cuyler

Monster Mess! is fun story. A tired monster who is heading up to bed is alarmed by the toys that have been left out which he accidentally trips on in the hall. He decides it is time to do some cleaning. From stinky socks and shoes to spilled grape juice on a sheet, the monster […]

Lester’s Dreadful Sweaters – K.G. Campbell

There is nothing we love more than amazingly illustrated picture books that utilize well written text. Lester’s Dreadful Sweaters is a winner. Cousin Clara’s knitting ability provides the beginnings for a clever and fun tale that elementary school age children as well as parents will enjoy.

Happy Veterans Day!

Over in the Ocean in a Coral Reef – Marianne Berkes

After visiting The Monterrey Bay Aquarium over the summer, our daughter has become VERY interested in sea life. When we saw this book at the library we knew it had to come home with us! It is well written, and the illustrations in this book are amazing! They are unique and interesting to study.

Meet Me at the Art Museum – David Goldin

This book provides a wonderful introduction to the world of art museums in a completely fun way. It provides a field trip like experience for readers which is hosted by Stub (a discarded ticket stub) and Daisy (a docent’s name tag). A delightful read for young and old…We loved it!