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Young Women of Faith Bible

See larger image NIV, Young Women of Faith Bible, Hardcover The Young Women of Faith Bible is designed specifically for tween and teen girls. It features weekly Bible studies that apply Bible truths to daily life. There are side notes throughout the text which provide additional explanation for the reader and a memory challenge […]

How the Meteorite Got to the Museum – Jessie Hartland

See larger image How the Meteorite Got to the Museum (How the . . . Got to the Museum) Jessie Hartland does an excellent job of turning science into an engaging story. How the Meteorite Got to the Museum is another winner. This book highlights the path a meteor took from arriving from outer space to finding a home at the American Museum of Natural History.  Great illustrations bring the story to life!

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The A-Z of C.S. Lewis – Colin Duriez

See larger image The A-Z of C.S.Lewis: An Encyclopaedia of His Life. Thought and Writings by Colin Duriez ( 2013 ) Hardcover This book was so much more than I was expecting. It is truly an encyclopedia of the life and work of C.S. Lewis. Enthusiastic fans as well as true scholars, will be […]

Spring Break Blogging Vacation

I will be taking a “blogging vacation” this week in order to focus on some family fun!

Real Women Leading with Proverbs 31 Values – Lisa Troyer and Dawn Yoder

See larger image Real Women: Leading with Proverbs 31 Values Real Women Leading with Proverbs 31 Values shares ten different values from Proverbs 31 and then discusses them in action using a variety of different women from the Bible. The authors do a great job of making the material highly applicable to everyday experiences. […]

Love Monster – Rachel Bright

See larger image Love Monster Poor Monster is looking for love. He quickly finds that everyone loves cute, fluffy creatures like kittens and bunnies but finding love as a hairy, googly-eyed monster is rather difficult. Just as little monster is about to give up on finding love, everything changes and love finds him. Great […]

The Noisy Paint Box – Barb Rosenstock

See larger image The Noisy Paint Box: The Colors and Sounds of Kandinsky’s Abstract Art The Noisy Paint Box is amazing. This book shares the story of artist Vasya Kandinsky. The story is well told, and the pictures are stunning. I love books that can easily serve as a springboard to further discussion, andThe […]

Once Upon a Memory – Nina Laden

See larger image Once Upon a Memory Today is a very unexpected “snow day” for us. It is actually an ice day, and we are enjoying hot chocolate, games, and crafts at our home. Our daughter asked if she might be able to be a guest blogger today at Once Upon a Storyville which […]