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999 Frogs Wake Up – Ken Kimura

Always on the lookout for a good book that features our daughter’s beloved, favorite animal, this book caught my attention the other day at the library. 999 Frogs Wake Up follows the frogs waking up from winter hibernation, and their realization that many animal friends are still asleep. The frogs make quick work of waking […]

Happy Memorial Day!

Moms’ Night Out and Other Things I Miss…Devotions to Help You Survive! – Kerri Pomarolli

I am very blessed to work with a variety of publishers and literary publicity groups that allow me to review books for them. Yesterday, I reviewed Moms’ Night Out. When I received that book in the mail for review, I also received a “bonus item” – a companion book. Moms’ Night Out and Other Things […]

Moms’ Night Out – Tricia Goyer

Moms’ Night Out provides the reader with a funny story as well as a worthwhile message. Although more than a bit far-fetched, this book was completely enjoyable. This is a quick, easy read that will have you laughing out-loud. Ultimately, it provides a wonderful message regarding the blessings of motherhood and the power of self-acceptance.


Wally and Mae – Christa Kempter

Wally and Mae is a sweet tale of friendship that focuses on appreciating differences. Wally is a rabbit who is an early riser and healthy eater who is quick to get to work and loves and appreciates the tidiness of his home. Mae is a bear that loves to sleep in late and enjoys a […]

Bedtime Math – Laura Overdeck

Bedtime Math has become a favorite part of our daughter’s bedtime routine. This book is filled with word problems that are presented in short story, riddle-like format coupled with math questions that span three different levels (wee ones, little kids, and big kids). Our seven year old delights in trying to answer the questions in […]

A Children’s Book About Interrupting: Help Me Be Good – Joy Berry

The Help Me Be Good series of books by Joy Berry is terrific. These little books tackle countless behaviors (interrupting, being a bad sport, being forgetful, being rude, complaining, disobeying, lying, whining, and the list goes on and on). Basically there is a book for every less than desirable behavior a child might exhibit. The […]

Happy Mother’s Day!

Hope your Mother’s Day was filled with fun and perhaps a few new books!

Motivated Moms Mother’s Day Sale!!!

If you have been reading my blog for awhile you know that I swear by the Motivated Moms system for keeping our home clean. It makes the process extremely manageable by assigning specific tasks to each day. Some tasks are weekly while others are included bi-monthly, monthly, or quarterly.

This year, their Mother’s Day sale […]

Rosie Revere, Engineer – Andrea Beaty

Our whole family loved Andrea Beaty’s previous book (Iggy Peck, Architect) so we were very excited about Rosie Revere, Engineer. Rosie did not disappoint. This time the main character is a quiet, shy little girl who is creative and loves to engineer and design new inventions. After a less than positive response about one of […]