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Only One You – Linda Kranz

See larger image Only One You This little gem of a book would make a lovely graduation gift. Only One You highlights the parental advice given to Adri the fish who is about to venture out on his own. Beautiful illustrations and deceptively simply text provide the reader with a profound message of self […]

Happy Memorial Day!

The Invisible Boy – Patrice Barton

See larger image The Invisible Boy The Invisible Boy is an amazingly powerful picture book. Brian who is shown in black and white as the book begins is simply invisible to his classmates as well as his teacher. He always behaves well in class and doesn’t demand his teacher’s attention for re-direction, but sadly, […]

I Don’t Want to be a Frog – Dev Petty

See larger image I Don’t Want to Be a Frog Our daughter is crazy about frogs and was a bit skeptical when she saw this book. The story focuses on a frog who isn’t very comfortable in his own green skin. He imagines life would be much better as a cat, or a pig, […]

Way Back Wednesday ~ The Clever Stick – John Lechner

See larger image The Clever Stick I came across this favorite at the library earlier this week and thought it was worth sharing again. It really is that good!

The Clever Stick is an enchanting tale. Who would ever imagine using a stick as the main character of a children’s picture book?! I found […]

Stick and Stone – Beth Ferry

See larger image Stick and Stone Stick and Stone is a great book about friendship. The friendship begins when stick helps stone deal with a prickly pinecone, and their relationship is tested when stick ends up getting stuck. A great book to start a discussion about friendship with little kids or big kids. This one is a winner!

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Best wishes for a day filled with fun!

Mrs. Spitzer’s Garden – Edith Pattou

See larger image Mrs. Spitzer’s Garden In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, I am featuring a few of my favorite books about the impact and influence of teachers.

Beautiful pictures coupled with simple text provide a powerful message. Mrs. Spitzer’s Garden highlights the impact and influence teachers have in helping children to grow. Mrs. […]