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Love Monster and the Scary Something – Rachel Bright

Love Monster books are always a treat, and the most recent edition to the collection is no exception. Love Monster and the Scary Something tackles the subject of being brave enough to face what you are afraid of no matter what it might be. In Love Monster’s case, he is afraid of the sounds during […]

The Koala Who Could – Rachel Bright

The Koala Who Could provides a powerful message about getting out of one’s comfort zone and trying new things. Kevin the Koala is not very willing to change, but when a situation arises that demands him to change, it helps him grow and enjoy life even more. A great story coupled with darling pictures makes […]

Way Back Wednesday ~ Love Monster and the Perfect Present – Rachel Bright

This post was originally published on February 18, 2015.

Love Monster and the Perfect Present is the sequel to Love Monster which I previously reviewed and loved. Although the cute, colorful love monsters are appealing to young children, this book is also enjoyable for big kids. The story explores what makes a “perfect present”. In […]

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No school today…We are enjoying a fun-filled day with our daughter!

Way Back Wednesday ~ Love Monster and the Last Chocolate – Rachel Bright

Happy Valentine’s Day! Although this is not specifically a Valentine’s book, this story is a sweet one!

Love Monster is such a cute character. I was excited to see that he is now featured in a number of books. Love Monster and the Last Chocolate is a very sweet story that focuses on the importance […]

Breaking Cover: My Secret Life in the CIA and What It Taught Me About What’s Worth Fighting For – Michele Rigby Assad

I was expecting to really enjoy this book, but it disappointed. The selection and training details related to CIA agents were very interesting, but the descriptions of her deployments had me wanting more. Additionally, Assad is a Christian and tries to incorporate her beliefs into her story telling with limited success. It really felt forced […]

Way Back Wednesday ~ Love Monster – Rachel Bright

This post was originally published on March 10, 2014.

Poor Monster is looking for love. He quickly finds that everyone loves cute, fluffy creatures like kittens and bunnies but finding love as a hairy, googly-eyed monster is rather difficult. Just as little monster is about to give up on finding love, everything changes and love […]

The Lion Inside – Rachel Bright

A very sweet story that captures little mouse’s journey to find his “inner lion”. In addition to finding the lion inside himself, he also discovers that a lion can have an “inner mouse” as well. Great illustrations enhance this empowering read-a-loud text.

Title: The Lion Inside Author: Rachel Bright Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction Publisher: Franklin Watts Release Date:

March 10, 2016