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The Rescue: Seven People, Seven Amazing Stories… – Jim Cymbala

Jim Cymbala, the pastor of Brooklyn Tabernacle, shares the stories of seven people who were living lives that were on the brink. These tales of transformation and the redemptive power of God are truly inspiring. Although a quick read, this book gives the reader much to reflect upon and think about.

While this complimentary book […]

Love – Matt De La Pena

Love provides a reflective tale of the different ways love manifests itself throughout our lives through our relationships and experiences. This is a beautifully illustrated book and has tremendous depth beyond a traditional read-aloud picture book. Although this book can certainly be enjoyed by young readers, readers with more life experience will find even more […]

Listen Up: Ten-Minute Family Devotions on the Parables – Marty Machowski

Listen Up is a great devotional book for families. It focuses on the parables and includes 13 weeks of study. Each five day lesson includes one parable and a myriad of different activities which make the text come to life. There are discussion questions, crafts, games and even songs. This is book is a terrific […]

Unified: How Our Unlikely Friendship Gives Us Hope for a Divided Country – Tim Scott and Trey Gowdy

Unified is an interesting, easy to read book that provides the alternating perspectives of Tim Scott and Trey Gowdy on a host of issues. This book is not a policy related text, it is about their lives prior to politics, the development of their friendship, and their collective hope for our country’s future. Positive and […]

Here Am I, Lord…Send Somebody Else: How God Uses Ordinary People to Do Extraordinary Things – Jill Briscoe

Jill Briscoe’s latest book tackles the limits we put on our ourselves through our doubts. Using the stories of Moses and other Old Testament characters, she highlights how to overcome fear and doubt in order to use your gifts to truly honor God. Set up with discussion questions within each chapter, this would make a […]

The Gatekeepers – Chris Whipple

The Gatekeepers is an entertaining and interesting book that provides amazing insights into the role of White House Chief of Staff as well as the role of President of the United States. Through extensive interviews with eighteen chiefs of staff and two former presidents, Whipple has created an insightful and absorbing book that clearly displays […]

Nerdy Birdy Tweets – Aaron Reynolds

Nerdy Birdy is back with a great new story. He has been introduced to social media and becomes a bit “over-connected”. He has to learn the hard way that real friends you can talk to and share adventures with are the most precious friends. This book has a very powerful message and could be used […]

The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors – Drew Daywalt

The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors provides a humorous look at the origins of the Rock Paper Scissors game. The illustrations in this book are tremendous and truly enhance the text. This book is perfect for a fun read-aloud.

Title: The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors Author: Drew Daywalt Genre: Juvenile Fiction Publisher: Balzer + Bray

Release Date:

April 4, 2017



Under the Umbrella – Catherine Buquet

When a terribly grumpy man is making his way down the street during a rain storm, his umbrella gets a way from him and lands at the feet of a young man admiring freshly baked treats in a bakery window. Soon the grumpy man’s mood is transformed, and he is sharing a delicious treat with […]

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