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Happy Memorial Day!

The Better Mom: Growing in Grace between Perfection and the Mess – Ruth Schwenk

The Better Mom is a wonderfully encouraging book for moms. It includes helpful tips and stories that you cannot help but relate to as a mother. Ultimately, Schwenk explores how God uses motherhood as a means to shape us into who He wants us to become. This one is an easy, enjoyable read that will […]

After the Fall: How Humpty Dumpty Got Back Up Again – Dan Santat

After the Fall explains what happened to Humpty Dumpty after his accidental fall from the wall. As an avid bird watcher, he desperately wants to get back up on the wall again after his fall, but his fear is holding him back. Humpty Dumpty ultimately faces his fear. The story ends with an uplifting ending […]

Happy Mother’s Day

I hope your Mother’s Day treats include a wonderful new book!

Believe 365-Day Devotional: What I Believe.  Who I Am Becoming – Randy and Rozanne Frazee

The newest book from Randy Frazee is a devotional that continues his Believe series. This devotional focuses on key beliefs, practices, and virtues of the Christian faith. Each daily devotion includes a Bible verse and a short reading. The focus of this devotional is to help empower the reader to not only understand but practice […]

Blogging Changes

Starting with the month of May, I will be publishing new posts on Mondays.