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Lord of the Flies Centenary Edition



The Bear and the Piano – David Litchfield

The Bear and the Piano is a beautiful picture book that includes themes of depth. Young readers as well as those with more life experience will delight in reading about a very special bear that finds a piano in the woods and teaches himself how to skillfully play. He ultimately leaves the forest in order […]

Raybot – Adam F. Watkins

Raybot is a lonely robot in search of a friend who “barks”. Since Raybot is uncertain what a puppy looks like and only know that a puppy barks, each animal he meets on his journey is introduced via the noise he/she makes. A terrific picture book that introduces animal sounds as well as teaching a […]

I Love You with All My Heart – Jane Chapman

I Love You with All My Heart is a very sweet tale that focuses on the unconditional love of a parent. Engaging illustrations of Mama bear and her cub help bring the text to life. This book is a great bedtime read for little ones.

Title: I Love You with All My Heart Author: Jane Chapman


Juvenile Fiction


Tiger Tales. 

Release Date:

January 7, 2020



Ellie in Concert – Mike Wu

Mike Wu delights again with another Ellie story. Ellie in Concert is a heartwarming tale that focuses on kindness and cooperation. Although a perfect read aloud for younger students, this tale is a great option to use with older learners as well.

Title: Ellie in Concert Author: Mike Wu Genre: Juvenile Fiction Publisher: Disney-Hyperion Release Date:

April 4, 2017



Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Ellie – Mike Wu

Ellie is a delightful tale written and illustrated by a veteran Pixar animator Mike Wu. In the book, Ellie the Elephant uses her creative talents to save the day when it appears the zoo may be closing. Inspiring and entertaining…This one is a winner!

Title: Ellie Author: Mike Wu Genre: Juvenile Fiction Publisher: Disney-Hyperion Release Date:

May 12, 2015



Blogging Vacation

Looking forward to a great Spring Break with our little lady! My next new review will be posted on March 16th.

Because – Mo Willems

Because is a beautiful tale that shares the impact of music, the power of hard work, and the importance of having a dream. This book is truly magical and could be used in so many different ways within the classroom to further instruction or simply be enjoyed as a fantastic read aloud story. Because is […]

Slug Needs a Hug – Jeanne Willis

Slug Needs a Hug is simply delightful. This sweet book imparts a powerful lesson. Colorful pictures and rhyming text make this a terrific read aloud option for elementary school students.

Title: Slug Needs a Hug! Author: Jeanne Willis Genre: Juvenile Fiction Publisher: Andersen PressUSA Release Date: 2015 Pages: 32