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The Adventures of Beekle: The Unimaginary Friend – Dan Santat

This review was originally posted on November 30, 2015.

I love Beekle! This story features an imaginary friend who has not yet met the real child who will be his friend. After a great deal of waiting, Beekle takes matter into his own hands. The subsequent discovery of the perfect friend provides a tale that […]

The Very Cranky Bear – Nick Bland

The Very Cranky Bear is a silly story about four animal friends who attempt to take shelter in a cave during a storm. They quickly discover a bear who wants a quiet place to sleep is already in the cave. The antics of the friends to help the bear are loving as well as funny. […]

My Mouth is Volcano! – Julia Cook

My Mouth is a Volcano is an entertaining tale that helps teach an important lesson. Louis is the protagonist of the story, and any time an idea pops into his head, he can’t wait to share it. He erupts with his insights and interrupts just about everyone. Ultimately, Louis learns how it feels to be […]

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

The Good Egg – Jory John

Although The Good Egg can be enjoyed by young learners as a fun picture book, it is a clever book with a deeper message that would be great to use with older learners. Exhausted by trying to be good and influence the behavior of others, the protagonist (a good egg) learns life altering lessons in […]

Light of His Presence: Prayers to Draw You Near the Heart of God – Ann Graham Lotz

Light of His Presence: Prayers to Draw You Near the Heart of God provides a beautiful collection of prayers. It also details Lotz’s challenges with prayer and how she has grown in this spiritual discipline through writing out her prayers. This encouraging volume would make a lovely gift for yourself or for someone special.

While […]

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