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A Froggy Fable – John Lechner

After so enjoying The Clever Stick, I was eager to read another book by John Lechner.  A Froggy Fable is a delight.  Froggy is happy and content living a simple life.  Soon things began to change, from otters moving into the pond and splashing to noisy blue jays in the trees overhead, and Froggy is very dismayed.  Things go from bad to worse for Froggy when he is captured by a little boy and placed in a jar.  Ultimately he escapes from the jar and after weeks of searching finds his pond home again.  After his adventures his outlook about change has been altered.

Although written in a simple manner with cartoonish illustrations, do not be deceived into thinking this is a simple book.  It contains a big message which has been presented in a highly appealing and engaging manner.  It would make a superb read aloud for a wide variety of age groups.

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