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So Few of Me – Peter H. Reynolds

So Few of Me

An old favorite has come back today for Way Back Wednesday!  This review was originally posted on August 24, 2009.

Have you ever wished that there could magically be another you in order to have two to tackle your to do list?!  Leo is a really busy guy…Even creating a list does not seem to help him get all of the things he needs to get done completed.  He is so busy in fact that magically there are two, three, four, and ultimately even more of him.  Sadly, no matter how many Leos come on the scene, the work cannot seem to be completed.  If anything, the more Leos that arrive seem to create more work not less.  Leo ultimately learns the importance of relaxation and doing less while doing his best.  A sweet tale with a serious message for all readers but perhaps will hit home most with adults.

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