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Love Monster and the Scary Something – Rachel Bright

Love Monster books are always a treat, and the most recent edition to the collection is no exception.  Love Monster and the Scary Something tackles the subject of being brave enough to face what you are afraid of no matter what it might be.  In Love Monster’s case, he is afraid of the sounds during the night when he has a hard time falling asleep.  Love Monster ultimately finds out that the night sounds are really nothing to be sacred of after all.

Love Monster and the Scary Something Book Cover Love Monster and the Scary Something
Rachel Bright
Juvenile Fiction
August 9, 2016

It's way past bedtime o'clock in Cutesville . . . . but somebody can't sleep. The harder he tries to nod off, the more wide awake Love Monster is, and the later and darker and spookier it gets. When he hears a rustle rustle, then a creeeak, scuffle-shuffle BUMP, he's just sure there's a hungry, scary something on its way to get him. So Love Monster musters up his courage . . . . and discovers that the something scary isn't so scary after all. It's just his friend coming to pay Love Monster a visit. Turns out Love Monster's pal couldn't sleep, either.

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