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The Spiffiest Giant in Town – Julia Donaldson

The Spiffiest Giant in Town shares the story of George the Giant.  As the story begins, George  is trading in his modest clothing for a spiffy new ensemble at a fancy store.  As he walks through the town that same afternoon, he encounters a myriad of animals that need help.  Kind hearted George endeavors to assist each animal he meets that needs help and before long all of his spiffy new clothing has been re-purposed to benefit the animals.  Ultimately, George discovers that being spiffy on the inside means far more than spiffy new clothes.

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  • Barney

    Myself and my Year 2 Class simply love Julia Donaldson books out here in Dubai! We aiepcselly love The Gruffalo’ and it is always chosen off the book shelf or in the library.  The theatre production came to Dubai so we have read it and seen it! We did some amazing writing linked to the Gruffalo a few months ago, using ambitious vocabulary and sentence openers to describe the Gruffalo!  I hope you enjoy reading the rest of the books . . . oooh, you have made me want to read one to my class tomorrow now (we go to school on a Sunday here!! ha ha).Have fun Year 2 and happy reading!!

  • Very nice blog! Bookmarked 🙂

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