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Way Back Wednesday ~ Calvin, Look Out! A Bookworm Birdie Gets Glasses – Jennifer Berne

This post was originally published on November 3, 2014.

Calvin the Bookworm Birdie is back! This time with the help of librarian Mrs. Readalot, he discovers that he needs glasses. At first the other starlings are not very kind about Calvin’s need to wear glasses, and Calvin retreats to the woods. Although he soon finds himself in trouble, he is able to use his book-smarts as well as his glasses to find a solution and transform the other starlings views regarding wearing glasses.

This is a very cute story. I especially liked the use of more sophisticated language within the book. Since Calvin is a bookworm, the language in these stories always displays his exposure to more sophisticated vocabulary.

Calvin, Look Out! Book Cover Calvin, Look Out!
Jennifer Berne
Juvenile Fiction
Sterling Publishing Company Incorporated

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