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Way Back Wednesday ~ Echo – Pam Muñoz Ryan

Looking for a terrific book for a tween mother/daughter summer book club?  Echo would be a terrific option!  This post was originally published on 11/09/16.

Echo was another favorite for our daughter as she read the nominated books for the Texas Bluebonnet Award.  The book is a bit larger than most nominated works (592 pages), but the length did not dissuade her as a reader.  She truly could not put this one down.  I found her reading it every time she had a chance as well as a number of times she really needed to be doing other things.  Echo is beautifully written and provides a considerable degree of depth and complexity for the reader.  Using three stand alone historical fiction stories that focus on the need to be brave, the author expertly interweaves them together using the musical ability of the children and a harmonica as a special link.  This book lends itself for discussion and would make a great text for a mother/daughter book club. 

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