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Way Back Wednesday ~ Ish – Peter H. Reynolds

This post was originally published on February 9, 2010.

Ish is another gem written and illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds.  Deceivingly simple text and pictures provide a powerful message in this follow up to The Dot.  Ramon loves to draw more than anything else in the world until his brother makes a mean spirited comment about his efforts.  A comment that Ramon takes to heart to such a degree that he no longer wants to draw at all.

Little does Ramon know that his artistic efforts have found a place of honor in his sister’s room.  Marisol sees the potential in each picture.  A stunned Ramon questions his sister as to why she would want the pictures especially since they do not look exactly as he would have hoped.  She quickly points out that the vase of flowers looks vase-ish.  Ramon is so soon able to see the art work in a whole new way – approaching it “ish-fully” rather than focusing on making it just “right”.

A great book for children as well as adults.  I love it!

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