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Way Back Wednesday ~ Can I Tell You a Secret – Anna Kang

With summer vacation quickly approaching, I wanted to revisit this favorite. This review was originally posted on August 19, 2016.

Can I Tell You a Secret is a precious book that features a little frog with a big secret – He is scared of the water and cannot swim! This would be a problem for […]

The Giraffe Who Found Its Spots – Ardisan Books

The Giraffe Who Found Its Spots is a wonderful story that follows a young giraffe searching for a place to fit in and be accepted. Ultimately, the giraffe learns that being yourself is always the best option. This delightful tale is filled with a colorful, fun illustrations. It would be a terrific read-aloud option.

Title: The Giraffe Who Found Its Spots


Adisan Books


Juvenile Fiction

Release Date:

October 30, 2020



Way Back Wednesday ~ Mars Needs Moms! – Berkeley Breathed

This review was originally posted on January 18, 2010

Personally, I had no idea that the Pulitzer Prize-winning creator of Bloom County and Opus wrote children’s books. This one was given to me for my first Mother’s Day. It is a delightful celebration of the special love between parent and child. A little boy […]

Go Get ‘Em Tiger – Sabrina Moyle

This book is a winner. It focuses on the importance of grit, hard work, being kind, and having fun while dealing with the ups and downs of life. Although a board book targeted to little ones, it includes wisdom for all ages.

Title: Go Get 'Em, Tiger! (a Hello!Lucky Book) Author: Hello!Lucky Genre: Juvenile Fiction Publisher:

Abrams Appleseed

Release Date:

March 10, 2020



Way Back Wednesday ~ Say Something – Peter H. Reynolds

This review was originally posted on April 8, 2019.

Our favorite children’s book author has released another winner! Say Something encourages the reader to realize that everyone has something worthwhile to share and by sharing can make the world a better place. Delightful illustrations make the text come to life in this tale of […]

Brave Irene – William Steig

Brave Irene celebrates grit. It is a terrific children’s book that includes great vocabulary, engaging illustrations, and a powerful message. This one is a winner!  

A Chair for My Mother – Vera B. Williams

A Chair for My Mother is a quiet book that packs a powerful punch. After a house fire, Rosa, her mother and grandmother work together saving their coins in order to purchase a new chair for Rosa’s hard working Mom. This book celebrates working hard for something, family, and community.

Title: A Chair for My Mother 25th Anniversary Edition


Vera B. Williams


Juvenile Fiction


Harper Collins

Release Date:

August 1, 1984



Way Back Wednesday ~ Ish – Peter H. Reynolds

This post was originally published on February 9, 2010.

Ish is another gem written and illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds. Deceivingly simple text and pictures provide a powerful message in this follow up to The Dot. Ramon loves to draw more than anything else in the world until his brother makes a mean spirited […]

God Made Me in His Image: Helping Children Appreciate Their Bodies – Justin S. Holcomb and Lindsey A. Holcomb

God Made Me in His Image is another title in the God Made Me Series. This book presents God as our creator, and shares insight into God’s loving design in the creation of each of our bodies. Each book in this series includes a section filled with biblical guidance for parents and offers additional information […]

Way Back Wednesday ~ Our Favorite Easter Book

This review was originally posted on April 1, 2015,

Reading this book has become a special Easter tradition for our family.

The Flowering Cross was a very quick favorite for our daughter. It is a touching Easter story which focuses on the transformational power of God’s love.

Katie is a six year old little girl […]