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Awesome Dawson – Chris Gall

See larger image Awesome Dawson Awesome Dawson is a fun book about a little boy who loves to collect “junk” and then turn those things into treasures.  As his skills as an engineer continue to grow, Dawson builds a machine that will do his chores for him.  Unfortunately, the machine is a bit too […]

Little Mouse’s Big Valentine – Thacher Hurd

See larger image Little Mouse’s Big Valentine This is my favorite Valentine’s Day book in our collection.  Little Mouse has a very big valentine that he wants to share, but none of his friends are interested because it is just too big.  As he ponders how to solve his dilemma, Little Mouse makes a […]

Way Back Wednesday ~ Love Monster and the Last Chocolate – Rachel Bright

See larger image Love Monster and the Last Chocolate Since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, this seemed like a fitting choice for a Way Back Wednesday post.

Love Monster is such a cute character.  I was excited to see that he is now featured in a number of books.  Love Monster and […]

88 Instruments – Chris Barton

See larger image 88 Instruments 88 Instruments is a fun picture book that features a young boy selecting which musical instrument he would like to learn how to play.  With clever use of onomatopoeia, the story comes to life and you cannot help but feel like you are at the music shop too!  Beautiful […]

I am Jane Goodall (Ordinary People Change the World) – Brad Meltzer

See larger image I am Jane Goodall (Ordinary People Change the World) The Ordinary People Change the World series by Brad Meltzer is terrific.  These highly accessible picture books introduce children to a wide range of historical figures.  I especially appreciate how the author includes details about each person’s early life and childhood which […]

Wayback Wednesday – Christmas Favorite

See larger image A Magical Christmas A Magical Christmas is a lovely story written in rhyme.  Little Mouse wants to know what exactly is the magic of Christmas.  In order to find the answer he goes and asks each member of his family, but each family member has a different answer.  Finally on Christmas […]

Wayback Wednesday – Christmas Favorite

See larger image God Gave Us Christmas God Gave Us Christmas begins with Little Cub asking his Mama about who “invented” Christmas.  The Little Cub wonders if it might be Santa.  Mama Bear explains that God invented Christmas and ultimately takes a journey with Little Cub in order to let him see that God […]

Finding Winnie: The True Story of the World’s Most Famous Bear – Lindsay Mattick

See larger image Finding Winnie: The True Story of the World’s Most Famous Bear Finding Winnie is a gem for young and old alike.  True Blue Winnie the Pooh fans will delight in this beautifully illustrated book that shares the story of the bear that inspired the original children’s book.  This book would definitely make a lovely surprise under the Christmas tree this year. 

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Hiawatha and the Peacemaker – Robbie Robertson

See larger image Hiawatha and the Peacemaker New From: $9.22 USD In Stock

Our daughter fell in love with Hiawatha and the Peacemaker.  She has now read all twenty of the books nominated for the Texas Bluebonnet Award, and this is her very favorite.  The themes of peace and forgiveness define the book, and the illustrations truly enhance the well-written text.  This one is a winner!

Can I Tell You a Secret – Anna Kang

See larger image Can I Tell You a Secret? Can I Tell You a Secret is a precious book that features a little frog with a big secret – He is scared of the water and cannot swim!  This would be a problem for anyone to be sure, but it is a huge problem […]