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The Pop Culture Parent: Helping Kids Engage Their World for Christ – Ted Turnau, E. Stephen Burnett, and Jared Moore

The Pop Culture Parent is a a great parenting resource. It encourages engagement with pop culture rather avoidance and explores fulfilling our role in the Great Commission by serving as an ambassador of Christ in our current culture. The authors did a great job exploring parenting through this lens throughout childhood including the teen year. […]

DoubtLess – Because Faith is Hard – Shelby Abbott

DoubtLess does a phenomenal job of addressing the issue of doubt when it comes to faith. It specifically hones in on the difference between doubt and unbelief. Written to target college student and other young adults, this text is encouraging and empowering.

While this complimentary book was provided for review by New Growth Press, no […]

God Made Me Unique: Helping Children See Value in Every Person – Joni and Friends

God Made Me Unique is a wonderful book with a powerful message. It presents understanding uniqueness and disability from a Christian perspective in a child-friendly way. The use of colorful, engaging illustrations enhances the text.

While this complimentary book was provided for review by New Growth Press, no other compensation was given. All remarks are […]

The Gospel in Hard Times – Joni and Friends

This Bible Study Guide focuses on suffering and is geared specifically for teens. Each well organized lesson provides reflection questions as well as a prayer focus and an action plan. Additionally, throughout the study, real life situations are powerfully used.

While this complimentary book was provided for review by New Growth Press, no other compensation […]

Aaron and Alexander: The Most Famous Duel in American History – Don Brown

Aaron and Alexander details the rivalry and ultimate duel between Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton. I particularly appreciated the author’s presentation of the many similarities these two men shared. Shared in picture book format with conversational text and engaging illustrations, this book could be used with a wide variety of age groups.

Title: Aaron and Alexander


Don Brown


Juvenile Nonfiction



Release Date:

October 13, 2015



Founding Mothers: Remembering the Ladies – Cokie Roberts

After traveling to Washington D.C. this past summer and learning a great deal about the founding of our country, this book was a wonderful read to learn more about the mothers, wives, and daughters of our founding fathers and their many contributions. Founding Mothers: Remembering the Ladies is a bit more dense than most picture […]

George Washington’s Teeth – Deborah Chandra and Madeleine Comora

Although his false teeth were not actually wooden, George Washington did ultimately loose all of his original teeth and had to wear false teeth during the later part of his life. George Washington’s Teeth which is written in verse shares details about Washington’s dental woes and what was done to remedy them. The final pages […]

The Mission-Centered Life: Following Jesus into the Broken Places – Bethany Ferguson

The Mission-Centered Life explores living in a mission minded manner no matter where you live or what season of life you may be in at this time. The study guide is divided into lessons and each includes biblical text, an article, an essay, and discussion questions. Ferguson’s unique experience as a missionary is Uganda, South […]

Blind Spots: What You Don’t See Can Hurt You – Tim Riddle and Fil Anderson

Blind Spots: What You Don’t See Can Hurt You is an interesting book. Using a biblical perspective, it explores recognizing and addressing our blind spots. Riddle and Anderson write with a conversational tone and use many personal examples which enhance the text. Although this book is highly readable, the content cannot help but challenge the […]

Don’t Blame the Mud: Only Jesus Makes Us Clean – Marty Machowski

Our family became fans of Marty Machowski after reading his earlier work – Ology. Don’t Blame the Mud is another winner! This impactful book shares the gospel message is a memorable way. Of special note are the pictures within the book. They really bring the text to life.

While this complimentary book was provided for […]