Zoom – Istvan Banyai

Zoom is a wordless book that allows the reader to see the same image from many, many different points of view.  As a result, the reader is better able to see the “big” picture with each paged turned.  Young children will delight in how the picture continues to change from what they thought was in it to something entirely different.   Additionally, this text is an extremely effective tool to teach students about the role of point of view in writing.

The Dot – Peter H. Reynolds

The Dot is perhaps my favorite picture book of all time. The Dot introduces us to Vashti a little girl who is not very eager about art class.  Her art teacher encourages her to “make her mark”.  With gentle guidance from her teacher, Vashti’s natural abilities as an artist as well as a teacher develop.  Ultimately, the simple text and accessible pictures pull the reader into Vashti’s story. The profound impact of the words and actions of a teacher are highlighted and the power of enthusiasm and encouragement are reinforced.

Hello World!

Welcome to Once Upon a Storyville!  Where one educator and mom will share her opinions on books, and maybe more…

Picture books are the best!  My enjoyment of quality children’s literature started as a child and never really faded. As a language arts teacher I used picture books to teach literary skills and concepts to middle school students. As I moved into school administration, using picture books to emphasize a point came naturally for me, and very quickly I started to be asked by the staff, “What book are you going to read to us next?”. Ultimately, I adopted the practice of using a story book to end each meeting I led within the school district. Who doesn’t enjoy a good story?!