So Few of Me – Peter H. Reynolds

Have you ever wished that there could magically be another you in order to have two to tackle your to do list?!  Leo is a really busy guy…Even creating a list does not seem to help him get all of the things he needs to get done completed.  He is so busy in fact that magically there are two, three, four, and ultimately even more of him.  Sadly, no matter how many Leos come on the scene, the work cannot seem to be completed.  If anything, the more Leos that arrive seem to create more work not less.  Leo ultimately learns the importance of relaxation and doing less while doing his best.  A sweet tale with a serious message for all readers but perhaps will hit home most with adults.

Let Go – Shelia Walsh

I had high hopes for Shelia Walsh’s Let Go. I was left greatly disappointed.  The text of the book has high points.  The quotes which begin each chapter are strong and thought provoking.  The follow up questions and prayers are also outstanding.  Both these elements clearly outshine the text located between them.  The remaining text which comprises the bulk of the book is fairly weak.  Additional editing would have been welcome by this reader.  Restatements and wordiness abound.  Additionally, the tone of the writer lacks warmth, understanding, or support.   The personal stories shared were written in a manner that at times felt more like the reader was intruding – especially when she shared details of her husband’s struggles.  I truly felt uncomfortable as a reader.  I also felt sorry for him.

This could have been an outstanding book if greater depth and use of more Biblical references were used.   I am not sure personal stories are the right vehicle for this author to use to share this message when the tone that is used seems so distant and at times rather judgmental to the reader.  For Christians searching for a book which provides Biblical insights and perspectives regarding living their lives more full, my advice is to look elsewhere.

While this complimentary book was provided for review, no other compensation was given.  All remarks are my personal and honest opinions.

Courage – Bernard Waber

41GWSZXQG3L._SL160_Courage comes in a wide variety of manifestations as carefully explained in Courage.  With delightful illustrations and text which uses the repeating phrase: “Courage is…”, the reader eagerly awaits what example of courage will be highlighted on the next page.  This book is wonderful at helping children see that everyday actions asked of them often demand courage.

One of Those Days – Amy Krouse Rosenthal

One of Those Days We have all had “one of those days”.  This picture book supplies cute descriptions and darling illustrations of a vast number of events which turn a potentially great day into “one of those days”.  The expressions on the faces of the children who are experiencing less than optimal days – “itchy sweater day”, “fun thing canceled day”, “answer to everything is no day” really capture their frustration.  The book ultimately reassures the reader that even though it may be “one of those days” a new day is soon to come.

Read and Share Toddler Bible – Gwen Ellis

The Read and Share Toddler Bible includes Old Testament and New Testament Bible stories.  The pictures within the book are colorful and are highly engaging to toddlers.  Of special note is the degree of detail within each picture.  There is much to be seen and young eyes enjoy studying and finding things within them.  This is especially the case with the pictures in the Creation Story, Adam and Eve, and Noah’s Ark.

Each Bible story is limited to three to four pages of text coupled with illustrations.  The stories are told in a toddler-friendly manner always reinforcing the message that God will always love them.  One of the highlights of this particular book is the parent notes which come at the end of each story.  Points for further discussion, craft ideas, as well as additional resources are provided to help reinforce the important message of each Bible story.  Additionally, I really like the fact that the scripture reference for each story is included.

An additional bonus to The Read and Share Toddler Bible is the inclusion of a Bible story DVD.  The DVD includes highlights from The Read and Share Toddler Bible and includes animation that resembles the art work in The Read and Share Toddler Bible.  Stories can be selected from main menu of the DVD which allows parents control of how many stories will be viewed at a time.  Each story runs appropriately three to four minutes in length.

The Read and Share Toddler Bible is a great beginner Bible .

While this complimentary book and DVD were provided for review, no other compensation was given.  All remarks are my personal and honest opinions.