Fearless – Max Lucado

Max Lucado’s newest book Fearless is simply outstanding.  With our increasingly complex world it is easy to feel overwhelmed.   Further, it is easy to be held back in our lives by fear.  Lucado addresses the issue of fear in relationship to Christian faith.  He does an outstanding job of  utilizing biblical stories as well as personal anecdotes to illustrate each point.    His text is engaging and often humorous which is highly enjoyable to read.

Although it appears to be an easy read, the depth and complexity of the text demands thought and reflection.  The discussion guide at the end of the book provides an outstanding guide to explore the ideas presented in the text more fully either individually or in a small group format.

Although there were many take away snipets that I appreciated from this book, the one theme that really struck a chord with me was the potential that could be found in the time and energy that we waste caught up in fear.  What could be created?  What could be accomplished?  What relationship could be strengthened?  It is exciting to think about the untapped potential…

Some books have the potential to be life changing for the reader.  This is one.    I highly recommend Fearless.

While this complimentary book was provided for review, no other compensation was given. All remarks are my personal and honest opinions.