Hermie and Friends-Antonio Meets His Match

Antonio Meets His Match is the latest release from Max Lucado’s Hermie and Friends Series.  The focus of this DVD is the importance of loving your neighbor. After an introduction by Lucado, the viewer is introduced to Antonio.  He has long been considered the leader of the ants.  It appears he may loose his special place in the ant world when some “foreign” ants move into the garden.  Antonio’s first inclination is to throw the new ants out of the garden, but through God’s intervention Antonio takes a different course.   Upon the conclusion of the story Lucado provides further discussion of the key theme (loving your neighbor) of the DVD.  His manner in both the introduction and wrap up is warm and pleasant.

I wish some of the warmth and gentleness displayed by Lucado was more evident in the animated characters.  None of them were particularly likable.  Although the DVD is rated for all ages, I think the best target audience for the DVD is probably early elementary aged  boys.  The aggressiveness of the ants and the conflict within the video makes it potentially disturbing for very young (pre-school aged) viewers.

Although not a hit for our home, I do think that little boys would potentially truly enjoy this animated story which shares an important biblical lesson.

While this complimentary DVD was provided for review by Thomas Nelson Publishers, no other compensation was given.  All remarks are my personal and honest opinions.

When Pigs Fly – Valerie Coulman

When Pigs Fly presents a delightful answer to using creativity to make the seemingly impossible happen.  When the Ralph the Cow decides he wants a bike he is told that cows do not ride bikes.  His father finally tells Ralph that he can get a bike “when pigs fly”.   It would appear that the story should end there for Ralph the Cow since pigs do not fly, but Ralph has other ideas.  With determination and creativity things happen that surprise and delight.

The pictures in this book are of particular note.  They are extremely bright and colorful and draw the reader into the story.  I also found the interaction of the human characters with the animals well executed.  The pictures of Ralph and Bill in the helicopter are precious.

This is an enjoyable book that can be appreciated at a number of different levels.

Mars Needs Moms! – Berkeley Breathed

Personally, I had no idea that the Pulitzer Prize-winning creator of Bloom County and Opus wrote children’s books.  This one was given to me for my first Mother’s Day.  It is a delightful celebration of the special love between parent and child.  A little boy who does not fully appreciate his mother is soon provided a lesson of the power of her love like no other when martian raiders with big nets come to capture some greatly needed mothers.

The text is well written and engaging for young readers as well as those with more life experience.  The illustrations truly are show stoppers.  You will find that you want to linger as long as possible to study each illustration.  The use of vibrant color is lovely and  humorous details both large and small will delight and have you finding things you didn’t see before again and again.

Mars Needs Moms! is a very special book and worthy of sharing with a Mom you know…

Mrs. Spitzer’s Garden – Edith Pattou

Beautiful pictures coupled with simple text provide a powerful message. Mrs. Spitzer’s Garden highlights the impact and influence teachers have in helping children to grow.  Mrs. Spitzer is a teacher and is given a packet of seeds at the beginning of the year by the principal.  The reader is then able to follow the journey the seeds take with Mrs. Spitzer.  Just like real children in the classroom each seed is different and requires specialized care and attention to blossom.  This book shares an important message in a lovely manner.

Maybe More…Motivated Moms

Happy New Year!  I hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday season.  I am looking forward to reading and sharing lots of new books this year.  My focus will remain children’s literature with a few adult fiction and non-fiction titles included as well.

Every once in awhile, I come across something that is really nifty that I want to share.  I am going to put those tidbits in the “Maybe More…” section.  Motivated Moms definitely deserves to be shared.  It is awesome!

Motivated Moms helps one to develop a daily routine to keep your home spiffy as well as providing specific tasks to attend to each day in order to keep your home clean without having to have a weekly “cleaning day” where you end up scrubbing, dusting, mopping, and vacuuming the entire day.  I have tried other cleaning systems and ideas, but this is the only one that has really worked for me.  I love it!

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