Bible Jumble for Kids – Christopher Hudson

Bible Jumble for Kids is a cute little game book.  It is filled with jumble puzzles that reinforce the names and key concepts of  Old and New Testament Bible stories.   Most of the jumble puzzles within the book are five or six words that are scrambled and need to be placed in proper order.  The slot for each unscrambled word includes one circled spot.  The letters that fall into the circles ultimately spell out another word that is linked to the Bible story.

This book would make a great little gift for a child between the ages of 8 to 12.

While this complimentary book was provided for review by Tyndale House Publishers, no other compensation was given.  All remarks are my personal and honest opinions.

A Froggy Fable – John Lechner

After so enjoying The Clever Stick, I was eager to read another book by John Lechner.  A Froggy Fable is a delight.  Froggy is happy and content living a simple life.  Soon things began to change, from otters moving into the pond and splashing to noisy blue jays in the trees overhead, and Froggy is very dismayed.  Things go from bad to worse for Froggy when he is captured by a little boy and placed in a jar.  Ultimately he escapes from the jar and after weeks of searching finds his pond home again.  After his adventures his outlook about change has been altered.

Although written in a simple manner with cartoonish illustrations, do not be deceived into thinking this is a simple book.  It contains a big message which has been presented in a highly appealing and engaging manner.  It would make a superb read aloud for a wide variety of age groups.

Rose’s Garden – Peter H. Reynolds

Peter H. Reynolds is one of my all time favorite authors.  His books always appear simple but supply BIG messages.  Rose’s Garden takes the reader on a fantastical journey around the world with Rose and her vehicle of choice – a magical teapot.  While on her travels, Rose gathers seed from each locale.  She finally finds a special patch of land that needs a bit of color, but before she can begin the transformation process with the help of her seed collection, some hungry birds eat all but a few of her seeds.  Determined to see her plan through, she plants her remaining seeds.  Ultimately her seeds coupled with some extra special flowers presented to Rose by the neighborhood children turn the barren patch of land into a beautiful garden.  Rose’s Garden is a very sweet story that highlights the powers of faith and determination.