Edwina-The Dinosaur Who Didn’t Know She Was Extinct – Mo Willems

Edwina the Dinosaur is a beloved member of the community.  She plays with the children, helps out whenever asked, and bakes yummy chocolate chip cookies.  Yet there is one person who it not a fan…Reginald Von Hoobie Doobie.  He sets out to prove that dinosaurs really are extinct.  Ultimately, the only one he truly convinces is Edwina, and she is completely stunned at her extinct status.  In the end, she decides that she just doesn’t care and it seems Reginald has had a change of heart as well as he enjoys some homemade cookies with Edwina. 

Secret in the Garden – James Mayhew

Secret in the Garden is loosely based on Frances Hodgson Burnett’s classic The Secret Garden and is appropriate for preschool and early elementary aged children. The Secret in the Garden is a clever tale that is told with the aid of peek-through cut outs throughout the book. The illustrations are outstanding and immediately pull the reader into the story.  This tale is sure to encourage outdoor exploring in the garden!

Frogs – Sarah Courtland

We are always on the hunt for non-fiction beginning reading books.  Our daughter really loves learning about the world around her.  Astronomy and animals have both particularly captured her interest.  Usborne does a great job with their beginning readers.  Many are non-fiction and they include bright, colorful pictures and text which is a bit larger which makes for easier reading for a preschooler. 

Frogs is part of the Usborne First Reading Series.  It includes details about how frogs grow from tadpoles to adult frogs and how they eat, swim, and keep safe.  The illustrations are charming and help to bring the text to life for the reader.

Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa – Erika Silverman

I am always thrilled to find engaging beginning chapter books for our daughter.  Much like the Mercy Watson series, Cowgirl Kate books include great colorful pictures and text which is a bit larger than the norm within a chapter book format.  Additionally, I love that Cowgirl Kate handles situations with confidence as well as a healthy does of spunk.

The Cowgirl Kate series is a cute one.  Cowgirl Kate always tries to do her best.  Her horse Cocoa on the other hand is more interested in eating most of the time and is never very interested in going to bed which makes for some funny situations.

Bread and Jam for Frances – Russell Hoban

Do you remember reading Bread and Jam for Frances when you were a child?  I do!  This is a great one for developing readers and includes a lesson about the importance of eating a variety of foods in a gentle, loving manner.

The pictures are darling, and the story is delightful.  Frances books have endured the test of time well.  I think our daughter may love them more than I did when I was her age.

Little Bear’s Valentine

Little Bear’s Valentine is a a charming tale of a little bear who receives a valentine from a secret admirer.  Little Bear then travels to the homes of his friends to find out if any of them are his secret admirer.  He finally returns home to find his friends there for a Valentine celebration and ultimately learns the identity of his secret admirer.

Lilly’s Chocolate Heart – Kevin Henkes

Lily’s Chocolate Heart is a favorite at our home, and our daughter is always excited when I pull out our Valentine’s Day books and this gem appears.  Lilly has one more chocolate heart left at bedtime on Valentine’s Day.  She searches and searches for just the right place for her last chocolate heart but finds that none of them are quiet right until she decides to place it safely in her tummy.

Angelina Loves… – Katherie Holabird

Angelina Loves…. revisits scenes from a number of Angelina books to highlight all of the fellow mice she loves as well as activities she loves to do.  I like how this book reaffirms that even when things don’t go as planned an activity can still be fun.  This book is a good fit for preschools and would make an excellent discussion starter regarding who they love and the activities they love.  Angelina lovers will especially appreciate it!