First Graders from Mars – Shana Corey

Our daughter found this little gem at the library, and it has been a perfect book to start the conversation about how first grade will be a bit different than kindergarten but will be wonderful in different ways.  In the first book of this series, we meet Horus who happens to be a martian.  Horus is starting first grade which he was excited about until he learned there was no slime table, no snooze mats, and no snacks.  To make matters even worse, Horus is put in the Beta reading group while his friends are in the Alpha group.  With so many disappointments, Horus longs for the fun filled days of martiangarten.

When Horus returns to school the next day, he meets a new student.  She is very scared about starting first grade and has lots of questions.  Horus admits he was a bit worried too.  As Horus explains what first grade is like, he realizes that the teacher (Ms. Vortex) is nice, and the work is challenging but do-able.  As the story comes to an end, it is clear that with a new friend and a bit of courage first grade is going to work out splendidly for both of them.


Blogging Holiday

This is the last week of summer vacation before our little lady starts first grade.  I will be on a “blogging vacation” this week in order to have some extra special fun with her.  Looking forward to being back next week to share some great new books!


Circus Girl – Tomek Bogacki

The power and influence that one little girl has on the development of a friendship, between two little boys who have never really noticed each other but are in the same class, is a sweet and encouraging tale.  The little girl who is a member of the circus and will only be attending the school for the duration of the time the circus is in town befriends a shy, quiet little boy and then helps him find a friend.  The illustrations in Circus Girl are outstanding and bring the text to life.  Particularly enjoyable for young readers are the images of circus life under the big top as well as behind the scenes.

Maisy Learns to Swim – Lucy Cousins

Maisy was one of our daughters very favorite characters as a young child.  I could not help but take a closer look at Maisy Learns to Swim when I found it on the shelf at the library the last time we visited.  The book highlights a trip to the pool and a swim lesson for Maisy and her friends.  Like the other first experience books in the Maisy series, this book is a great tool to use with a child to familiarize him/her with a new activity.