Saying Grace: A Prayer of Thanksgiving – Virginia Kroll

Saying Grace: A Prayer of Thanksgiving is a sweet book that describes life as an early settler.  The story itself features a little girl named Grace who struggles to remember her spelling word for school – bounty.  The reader is soon introduced to the world of hardship as well as blessings that colonists encountered.  Saying Grace: A Prayer of Thanksgiving features beautiful illustrations and is a wonderful Thanksgiving book.

Monster Mess! – Margery Cuyler

Monster Mess! is fun story.  A tired monster who is heading up to bed is alarmed by the toys that have been left out which he accidentally trips on in the hall.  He decides it is time to do some cleaning.  From stinky socks and shoes to spilled grape juice on a sheet, the monster makes sure all is clean and tidy before going to sleep.  Even with all of his late night cleaning, he is ready to play when morning comes.  It seems having a monster who lives in your bedroom might not be a bad thing after all…