Their Name is Today – Johann Christoph Arnold

Their Name is Today is well worth reading.  It provides hope and encouragement in tackling the challenge of reclaiming childhood in a world that can make it difficult.  The text includes lots of real life stories and provides a great deal to think about for parents, teachers, and policy makers.
While this complimentary book was provided for review by Handlebar Publishing, no other compensation was given.  All remarks are my personal and honest opinions.

The Bumpy Little Pumpkin

The Bumpy Pumpkin is an extremely sweet tale about a little girl who thinks a small bumpy pumpkin would make the perfect jack-o-lantern.  Her sisters do not agree and are quick to tell her that the pumpkin she wants is too small, too bumpy, and too ugly to be any good.  Left alone and feeling sad, she is soon greeted by a number of animal friends who understand the beauty she sees in the small bumpy pumpkin.  They help her transform the pumpkin into a darling jack-o-lantern.  Ultimately, Little Nell and her sisters realize that jack-o-lanterns can come in all shapes and sizes.

Plant a Pocket of Prairie – Phyllis Root

Plant a Pocket of Prairie is a beautiful book that explains that prairie land is quickly disappearing and suggests what one might do to bring it back – planting a pocket of prairie on your own.  It then takes the reader on a tour of the many plants and animals that live on prairie lands.  The lovely illustrations bring the prairie to life on the page.  The back portion of the book provides more information about each of the prairie plants and animals.  Plant a Pocket of Prairie is a very well done nature book!

Ninja Red Riding Hood – Corey Rosen Schwartz

Ninja Red Riding Hood is a cute retelling of the original Little Red Riding Hood story featuring a martial arts twist. When huffing and puffing are not enough anymore, the Big Bad Wolf decides to take a martial arts class.  Unfortunately for him, he is not the only one who has taken a class or two.  It seems that Little Red and her grandmother have as well.  This silly fractured fairy tale is a cute story featuring “girl power”.