Flashback Week – Post #2 ~ Have Fun, Molly Lou Mellow – Patty Lovell

Here is another favorite:

We have been anxiously awaiting the publication of this book!  We attended a book talk about a year ago at our local library where illustrator David Catrow was a guest.  He spoke about illustrating the Molly Melon sequel and shared a draft with us.

Our family loves Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon, and the sequel is as good if not better.  Have Fun, Molly Lou Melon focuses on having fun and playing, and for Molly Lou Melon fun doesn’t come from the latest and greatest items found at the toy store.  She delights in using her imagination and sharing the power that can be found thru imaginative play with her new neighbor.  This book is a real winner.  It has been part of our bedtime story line up every night since it arrived in our home!

Flashback Week – Post #1 ~ A Magical Day with Matisse – Julie Merberg and Suzanne Bober

This week I am featuring some old favorites.

The Mini Masters Series has been a favorite in our home since our daughter was very, very little.  These board books feature the works of world-renowned artists coupled with lyrical text.  A Magical Day with Matisse starts with an invitation to come out and play and then takes the reader through a day of fun while featuring Matisse’s masterpieces.  Our daughter still loves to look at these books, and they often are selected to be brought in the car to be read and enjoyed when we go on errands.  The Mini Masters Series is an all around winner which our whole family has enjoyed

The Phantom Tollbooth – Norton Juster and Jules Feiffer

I still remember reading The Phantom Tollbooth when I was a child.  I encouraged our daughter to get it when we were at the library.  She loved it too!  Milo’s adventure and the play on words throughout the book delighted.  We had the best time talking about this book and the choices we thought Milo should have made on the adventure through the Lands Beyond.  The Phantom Tollbooth is a classic that still entertains!

Pocket Prayers for Moms – Max Lucado with Andrea Lucado

Max Lucado has released six small pocket prayer books.  They are specifically targeted to – Moms, Dads, Teachers, Graduates, Friends, and Military Life.  Each book includes 40 uplifting prayers which have companion Bible verses.  These books would make lovely gifts.

While this complimentary book was provided for review by Litfuse Publicity Group, no other compensation was given.  All remarks are my personal and honest opinions.

Way Back Wednesday ~ Rose’s Garden – Peter H. Reynolds

Peter H. Reynolds is one of my all time favorite authors.  His books always appear simple but supply BIG messages.  Rose’s Garden takes the reader on a fantastical journey around the world with Rose and her vehicle of choice – a magical teapot.  While on her travels, Rose gathers seed from each locale.  She finally finds a special patch of land that needs a bit of color, but before she can begin the transformation process with the help of her seed collection, some hungry birds eat all but a few of her seeds.  Determined to see her plan through, she plants her remaining seeds.  Ultimately her seeds coupled with some extra special flowers presented to Rose by the neighborhood children turn the barren patch of land into a beautiful garden.  Rose’s Garden is a very sweet story that highlights the powers of faith and determination.

101 Ways to Have Fun: Things You Can Do with Friends, Anytime! – From the Editors of FaithGirlz!

This nifty book is part of the FaithGirlz! series and is full of fun, age-appropriate activities for tween/teen girls.  Many of the activities are perfect to do with friends.  I know our daughter will delight in exploring the options with her friends in the months and years ahead.  This one is a winner!

While this complimentary book was provided for review by Harper Collins Publishing, no other compensation was given.  All remarks are my personal and honest opinions.