A Penguin Story – Antoinette Portis

I love the deceptively simple books that Antoinette Portis writes and illustrates.  Her newest,  A Penguin Story introduces the reader to Edna, a little penguin who is extremely curious.  Edna decides there must be more out in the world than the three colors that surround her – white ice, black night, and blue sea.  She sets out to explore her world and find out for sure.  After a great deal of searching she finds an orange tent that belongs to some researchers who are also wearing orange.  She excitedly shares her find with the other penguins and takes them to see the orange tent and orange suited researchers.  Before they leave the researchers give Edna one of their gloves which she decides to start wearing as a hat.  The other penguins are highly impressed with what Edna had found, but by the next day are back to playing and fishing.  Edna on the other hand is contemplating what else might be out in the world.

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