Bridget’s Beret – Tom Lichtenheld

We love Tom Lichtenheld books at our home!  They are always beautifully illustrated, have engaging stories, and share great lessons.  Bridget’s Beret is no exception.  It is terrific.  Bridget loves to draw and is always creating masterpieces.  She has lots of art supplies, but the most important one is her beret.  She always wears it when she is creating.  One day the wind lifts it off her head and carries it away from her.

In response,  she tries on every hat in her home but none of them have the same magic.  Subsequently she cries, pouts, and sulks for she is sure that she is no longer an artist if she does not have her beret.  Then a simple request from her sister for help with a sign for her lemonade stand makes all the difference, and Bridget rediscovers her inner-artist again.

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