Dinosaurs Before Dark ~ The Magic Treehouse Series – Mary Pope Osborne

A few months ago our daughter started slowing reading the Magic Tree House Series.  As she grew more comfortable and confident reading beginning chapter books like Cowgirl Kate and Mercy Watson, we started to partner read The Magic Treehouse Series books together.  The series centers around Jack and Annie who discover a magical treehouse that takes them on adventures based upon the books they select. 

Dinosaurs Before Dawn, the first book of the series, was our daughter’s first introduction to the element of suspense, and it has been a delight to watch her response to it.  I often find her reading speed increasing as excitement builds within the story, and she often continues reading well beyond “her turn” in order to satisfy her eagerness to know what happens next.

The Magic Treehouse Series is a wonderful imagination based reading series for young readers.  We are now checking out two and three books at a time at the library in order to keep up with our daughter’s desire to know what happens next. 

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