Go Get ‘Em Tiger – Sabrina Moyle

This book is a winner.  It focuses on the importance of grit, hard work, being kind, and having fun while dealing with the ups and downs of life.  Although a board book targeted to little ones, it includes wisdom for all ages.

Go Get 'Em, Tiger! (a Hello!Lucky Book) Book Cover Go Get 'Em, Tiger! (a Hello!Lucky Book)
Juvenile Fiction
Abrams Appleseed
March 10, 2020

Jesus Came for Me – Jared Kennedy

Jesus Came for Me is a wonderful board book that shares the true reason for Christmas.  Colorful illustrations enhance the text.  This is a perfect early Christmas gift for a pre-school aged child.

While this complimentary book was provided for review by New Growth Press, no other compensation was given.  All remarks are my personal and honest opinion.

Jesus Came for Me Book Cover Jesus Came for Me
Jared Kennedy
October 5, 2020

My Dad is Amazing – Sabrina Moyle

My Dad is Amazing is a darling book that celebrates Dads.  This color, fun picture book is wonderful for pre-school aged children, but it is also fantastic as a resource to explore metaphors and analogies with older students.  Picture books really can be enjoyed by all ages!

My Dad Is Amazing Book Cover My Dad Is Amazing
Juvenile Fiction
Abrams Appleseed

Bear on a Bike – Stella Blackstone

I was organizing the book basket downstairs earlier today, and I came across this beloved book.  Bear on a Bike was an early favorite for our daughter.  Using a myriad of different forms of transportation (bike, train, raft, boat and hot-air balloon), Bear explores the world.  A young child follows Bear throughout the journey asking questions of the bear the entire time.  The simple text and bright, colorful pictures are a delight for readers young and old.  This one is a winner! 

The Easter Story – Patricia Pingry

The Easter Story is a board book that does a great job explaining to young readers why we celebrate Easter.  The text is clear and well within the grasp of a preschooler’s understanding, and the pictures are beautiful and truly enhance the text.

Happy Easter from Once Upon a Storyville!  I hope you have wonderful day with family and friends. 

Lilly’s Chocolate Heart – Kevin Henkes

Lily’s Chocolate Heart is a favorite at our home, and our daughter is always excited when I pull out our Valentine’s Day books and this gem appears.  Lilly has one more chocolate heart left at bedtime on Valentine’s Day.  She searches and searches for just the right place for her last chocolate heart but finds that none of them are quiet right until she decides to place it safely in her tummy.

Two Little Chicks – Valeri Gorbachev

This is such a sweet little book!  Two Little Chicks tells the tale of two little chicks who go to the playground and quickly become overwhelmed by all the activity.  As they approach each piece of equipment another animal asks if they want to play to which they reply that they can’t.  Finally, they take a chance sliding down the slide by riding on beaver’s tail and they discover they can do it, and it is fun.

This is a great story of encouragement for little ones who may be a bit more cautious which is beautifully illustrated.

A Magical Day with Matisse – Julie Merberg and Suzanne Bober

The Mini Masters Series has been a favorite in our home since our daughter was very, very little.  These board books feature the works of world-renowned artists coupled with lyrical text.  A Magical Day with Matisse starts with an invitation to come out and play and then takes the reader through a day of fun while featuring Matisse’s masterpieces.  Our daughter still loves to look at these books, and they often are selected to be brought in the car to be read and enjoyed when we go on errands.  The Mini Masters Series is an all around winner which our whole family has enjoyed.