Only One You – Linda Kranz

Only One You Book Cover Only One You
Linda Kranz
Conduct of life
Cooper Square Pub

This little gem of a book would make a lovely graduation gift.  Only One You highlights the parental advice given to Adri the fish who is about to venture out on his own.  Beautiful illustrations and deceptively simply text provide the reader with a profound message of self acceptance, encouragement, and the charge to make the world a better place.  This is a new favorite!

This review was originally posted on May 27, 2015.

Little Mouse’s Big Valentine – Thacher Hurd

This is my favorite Valentine’s Day book in our collection. Little Mouse has a very big valentine that he wants to share, but none of his friends are interested because it is just too big.  As he ponders how to solve his dilemma, Little Mouse makes a new friend and together they come up with a solution that allows everyone to enjoy a Valentine’s Day treat.

Little Mouse's Big Valentine Book Cover Little Mouse's Big Valentine
Thacher Hurd
Juvenile Fiction
Harper Collins
December 20, 1991

The Sour Grape – Jory John

The Sour Grape is an entertaining story with a big lesson.  This humorous tale is delightfully illustrated and would make a wonderful read aloud for all instructional levels.  This book is the perfect example of the power of picture books for learners of all ages.  A gem to be read and enjoyed!

The Sour Grape Book Cover The Sour Grape
Jory John

Blast from the Past ~ The Dot – Peter H. Reynolds

Couldn’t help but revisit my very favorite Peter H. Reynolds book this month…

The Dot is perhaps my favorite picture book of all time.  The Dot introduces us to Vashti a little girl who is not very eager about art class.  Her art teacher encourages her to “make her mark”.  With gentle guidance from her teacher, Vashti’s natural abilities as an artist as well as a teacher develop.  Ultimately, the simple text and accessible pictures pull the reader into Vashti’s story. The profound impact of the words and actions of a teacher are highlighted and the power of enthusiasm and encouragement are reinforced.

The Dot Book Cover The Dot
Peter Reynolds
Juvenile Fiction
Candlewick Press

Little Happy Dreamer – Peter H. Reynolds

The power and the promise found in dreaming is celebrated in Little Happy Dreamer.  This book would be wonderful to share with little ones, but it could also be easily used as a read aloud with older students.  Beautiful illustrations and an encouraging message for all readers make this one a winner.

Little Happy Dreamer Book Cover Little Happy Dreamer
Peter H. Reynolds
Juvenile Fiction
Cartwheel Books

Our Table – Peter H. Reynolds

This month I will be featuring books from one of my favorite authors – Peter H. Reynolds.  I have shared many of his books in previous posts and have some new ones to share.  The first is Our Table.  The reader is given a glimpse of what results when one is tethered to a screen.  It also shares the connection that is possible when a family shares meal together.  This important message is beautifully presented.

Our Table (PB) Book Cover Our Table (PB)
Peter H. Reynolds
Juvenile Fiction
Orchard Books
May 5, 2022

The Penderwicks: A Summer of Four Sisters, Two Rabbits, and a Very Interesting Boy – Jeanne Birdsall

With summer vacation quickly approaching, I wanted to revisit this favorite. It is an excellent summer read and the firstbook of a five book series.  This review was originally posted on June 22, 2015.

The Penderwicks series was a delightful recent find during a library visit.  This series which features the Penerwick sisters reminds me a great deal of Little Women.  The stories focus on the adventures of the girls and their very distinct personalities.  There is a wholesomeness about these books that is really refreshing.

The Penderwicks Book Cover The Penderwicks
Jeanne Birdsall
Juvenile Fiction

Can I Tell You a Secret? – Anna Kang

With summer vacation quickly approaching, I wanted to revisit this favorite.  This review was originally posted on August 19, 2016.

Can I Tell You a Secret is a precious book that features a little frog with a big secret – He is scared of the water and cannot swim!  This would be a problem for anyone to be sure, but it is a huge problem for a frog.  Ultimately, Monty the frog learns that conquering your fears is a lot easier when you have the help of a friend.  Can I Tell You a Secret is a darling book that would make a terrific read-aloud.

Can I Tell You a Secret? Book Cover Can I Tell You a Secret?
Anna Kang
Juvenile Fiction
May 31, 2016

Mikey and the Dragons – Empowering Kids to Overcome Their Fears! – Jocko Willink

Mickey and the Dragons is a new favorite.  This delightful tale is told in rhyming verse and tackles the importance of overcoming fears.  It provides a powerful lesson for little ones as well as readers with more life experience.  The illustrations truly enhance the text.  This one is a winner!

Mikey and the Dragons
Jocko Willink
November 15, 2018